Do you have a business?

Are you in a band?

Want to get the word out on the Vegan Black Metal Chef Facebook wall?


After receiving many requests a week to promote businesses, bands, kickstarters, causes etc.. I have come up with a way for you to reach out to the VBMC fans.


Heres how it works.

1) Come up with a small advert you would like me to post on my facebook wall (and twitter).  *some restrictions apply

This can be text, picture, video, link…whatever can be posted on a facebook post.


2) Decide if you want to pay additional “facebook promotion” costs (max $100).

If you are unfamiliar with facebook promotion costs… facebook allows you to pay them so that the post stays up longer and therefore reaches more people.


3) Contact me with your advert and how much extra facebook promotion you want.

Make sure your email address is correct because I will send you a paypal money request for the cost.


When paid, I will then post your advert with *VBMC Supporter* as the first line and pay any facebook promotion costs you requests to keep your ad up longer.



Businesses: $50

Bands $25

I will also add 5% to any facebook promotion costs to cover the paypal charge

I will add 10% to facebook promotion costs over $50

For example if you choose $30 in facebook promotion I will charge you $31.5


Contact me for more custom or other advertising deals.