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Bagels and Burgers from The aByss

Here is a meal idea for a twist on the standard burger or vegan “chicken” sandwich.

This will use what you learn in Episode 10 and apply it as a quick way to make a vegan burger awesome.

(Note: I typically only eat one of these as a meal, but here are 2 examples)

Start by putting the frozen vegan burger or vegan “chicken” into the toaster oven for about 12 minutes

Vegan Burger and Vegan Chicken Patty in Toaster Oven

Next, if it is the burger, take it out and put in your frozen bagles – for another 8 – 10 minutes

(for fresh bagles, they do not need as long to toast)

Leave the “chicken” patty in if you are making that

Frozen everything bagles in the toaster oven

For The Buffalo Burger:  Heat up a pan and pour in some buffalo sauce and a bit of earth balance (just like episode 10).

Do not use a crazy amount of earth balance though or else it will be too salty.  Throw your burger in and saute it for a few minutes.

Buffalo Burger in a pan


Turn the heat off on your pan and smear some veganaise on your now toasted bagel.

Veganaise on a toasted everything bagel


Plop on some lettuce and your buffalo burger.  Freak out at how amazing it is.

Lettuce for the Buffalo Burger Buffalo Burger Almost done


Buffalo Burger Complete



For the Vegan “Chicken” Sandwich… Again get some vegainaise on an everything bagel.  Then put some “Fakon” bits on there (I used Bacos).  You can also get some pepper in there if you want.

Everything Bagel with Veganaise and fakon bits


I like to top this with lettuce and a slice of red bell pepper

Vegan Chicken Sandwich with Red Bell Pepper vegan chicken sandwich complete


vegan chicken sandwich and buffalo boca burger