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Behind The video: Episode 1 – Pad Thai

I’m going to talk for a moment about frequent questions and concerns when making the vegan pad thai.


•First of all the amount of rice noodles vs sauce is very important. In the video I used 1/2 lb of rice noodles.  This is the one quantity I gave in the description because I did not think it was clear from the video.  Rice noodles are pretty much the most bland thing on the planet. If you don’t believe me, boil one in unsalted water and give it a try.


We can use this knowledge to our advantage when making the pad thai. If the pad thai comes out too “flavor full” in any way, it can be saved a bit by adding some more rice noodles. If it comes out too bland, then it needs some more of the sauce ingredients.


Do not put salt in the water when boiling the noodles. The whole thing will be way too salty if you do. We are counting on the noodles being very bland to soak up the intense flavors.


This may take a time or 2 of making it to Taylor the flavor to you individual likings.



• A note on the tamarind.


Not everyone will be able to find tamarind soup base. I often find this in asian grocery stores but thats about it.


In many hispanic oriented places I can often find tamarind paste. If you use the paste you just have to take out the hard seeds or disolve some in hot water to take the seeds out.


One other thing you can use is “tamarind nectar” which can often be found on the Hispanic isle of many supermarkets. This is very watery so you would not add extra water. Surprisingly all 3 of these taste pretty similar and will all make a good pad thai.


This article will be updated as more questions or issues arise.