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Behind the Video: Episode 2 – Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages

This video showed some…..big suprise……. easy vegan meal ideas.

Lets take a closer look at them.


All star redneck Medley


The most common question that comes up from non U.S. viewers is “What the fuck is Earth Balance”?


Earth balance is just a really good vegan butter substitute. I’m sure there are other ones in other countries. If you get the chance to try earth balance, do it…its actually better than butter. Seriously that what my non vegan friends have said when they try it.


The rest of the recipe is not rocket science. It was not intended to be the height of culinary amazingness.


It focused on 1) tasting awesome and 2) being EASY for this video. This is an awesome easy meal that I make at least once or twice a month.


Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms and Red Pepper sauted in Truffle Oil.


There are 2 main pitfalls when making this.


First of all.. the amount of truffle oil that you add.


Truffle oil is some tasty shit…. like all other tasty shit this is a double edged sword. If you add too much its wayyyyyyyyyyyy too tasty. Again this will take a time or 2 to get just right with your tastes.


The second main pitfall of this dish is not cooking the Brussels sprouts long enough. They should be thoroughly cooked in the end, a little blackened on the bottom and when you taste one have no “raw Brussels sprouts” taste. Same with the mushrooms, they should have all of the “raw mushroom taste” cooked out of them. Try one before you take them out.


Sometimes you may also just get a bad batch of Brussels sprouts. Even if you remove the outer green leaves if this still comes out a little bitter after them being totally cooked…. it may just be the sprouts. Go to a different grocery store or produce stand and try a different batch. If the batch is pretty good than this will come out amazing.



Vegetable Pasta Upon The Throne Of The Apocalypse.


One question that has come up is “what is this soup seasoning”. I used Osem brand “chicken style” “consomme”. Soup seasoning in general is just like a dehydrated vegetable stock. A bollion cube or in this case a powder. If this brand is not available where you are there are many others that do the trick. I also like Vegita brand a lot.


This post will be updated as more questions or issues arise.