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Behind The Video Episode 5: Smoothie Alchemy

After what feels like ages another video has been released.


To quell everyone’s concerns…. There are 2 more videos already made and done, I’m just not allowed to show them yet. They will be coming out in December.


The idea of how to make these smoothies came about is of course, trial and error.


It all starts with making really bad food (or in this case, drink) a bunch of times… and hating to eat really bad food.


One day I wanted to make a smoothie.


I took some fruit and some fruit juice and blended them together like any sensible person would.


The result: Blah…what a bland piece of crap drink.


Whats going on? When I get smoothies from smoothie places they are awesome


This is what they do too right?. Or is it?


I went immediately to a smoothie place near my house and ordered a blueberry, strawberry and banana smoothie watched them make it.


I saw them add the fruit, check, some juice, check…but then the key…


They took it over to some bottle and squirted a few squirts of “something” into the drink. I figured that something had the key to the flavor I was missing.


Since they did not add much of it, I figured it must be a pretty concentrated something.


After enjoying the smoothie, I went out to my local grocery store and took at look at what they had. I did not like to waste a lot of fruit so I figured I would give frozen fruits a try (an accidental bit of win) and then right next to the frozen fruits were all these little tubes of fruit juice concentrate.


I decided to give them a try figuring that was a concentrated bit of flavor. As fast as that, the most amazing smoothies i’ve ever had were born.


Wanting to figure out all of the best combinations available, I bought one of every package of frozen fruit and fruit juice concentrates available.


To my surprise, I could not make a bad combination. Everything was awesome.


To much more of my surprise… I had a tub of rice and pea protein powder laying around that I attempted to try a few months ago in my previous smoothie attempts.


That shit was seriously amongst the worst tasting tub of crap I think I have ever tried.


Somehow…by some miracle… Its actually good in smoothies made like this. I know you will not believe me if you have had that stuff before. I use the plain unflavored worst kind in existence.


Its actually good in this. Not “tolerable/think about the benefits good” It adds a purely good, heartiness to the smoothie. Give it a try.


With a crazy straw of course.