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Constant and Never Ending Improvement

This is one topic that has truly changed my life, every day, for what I see as forever.


Anthony Robbins talks about this concept a lot, and put into practice can make or break your life. This needs to be applied across all areas of your phsycial health, relationships, work life/passions, and spirituality.


This is what gives you hope for the future, what makes every day a blessing and exciting. If you are not focusing on the core areas in all of these aspects of life and growing in them (not just staying still), then you are slipping.


Nature lets nothing stand still, nature always erodes what is stagnant and breaks down what does not have energy put into it. This is the concept science knows as “entropy’. Entropy is counteracted by putting energy into a system, the right energy that builds things up of course… you can also speed entropy along by helping it break things down.




So build up your physical health by putting energy into it…if not, you are slipping. Put energy into exercise, put consciousness into food and food choices. Consciousness is mental energy, just as potent as any other type of energy on the realms it operates on.



Put energy into your relationships. Weather it be with a partner, family, friend, your higher self, your town, city, country, world… If the relationships are not growing, they are slipping.




Put energy into getting better in the mental realm, at your work, occupation, passions. Get better at what you do every day. Love to get better at it. There is always work in this world for a master, not only that but a master is sought out, looked for carefully admist the crowds, and paid dearly for.




Put energy into your spirituality, to your giving to the world, your ultimate connection with your higher self and “The All” or God. Put energy into this relationship and it will pay many fold. This ultimate connection with “the all” and the love of oneself (once you know what “yourself” is) is ultimately the only thing that matters in life. Everything else is necessary and is part of loving oneself, but it is just that…part of loving oneself.


I hope you find this useful