Cooking Concepts: Soup Broths

Cooking concepts 1 Soup Broth


One of the things that took my cooking from good to great, was the discovery of cooking with soup broths/stocks. Of course I’m talking about vegetable/vegan broths. These are useful in so many ways. After learning how to use these you may never use or use far less of a prepared sauce again.




I like to experiment a lot with different soup broths. I typically purchase these but you can make them yourself as well.


It is well worth your time to experiment with new ones you find in the stores you shop at. Some of them are absolutely terrible and taste very “cheap”, others are amazingly fantastic and are obviously high quality from the first taste.


Here are some I currently use and enjoy (pics coming soon). I am always buying new ones and experimenting with them.  Some that I currently like include Almost anything the company Osem makes, Vegita, and various Asian Vegetable Bouillon cubes I get in the Asian store.  This is just a partial list. The list can change from time to time from what is available. Do not cling to any 1. There is no scarcity of great vegan food to be made. There is an extreme abundance. The concepts are what are important…if you have a few excellent soup broths of different kinds you can make a huge array of dishes.


Here are some tips on what to do with soup broths


• Add to Asian stir fry to make different sauces (videos to come on this).

• Add to a basic flavored pasta sauce to make it very flavorful. For this you want to use a powdered or “bullion” kind. See Video 2 for an example of this.

• Add to onion ring batter to make an awesomely flavorful batter.

• Use in Italian cooking… A video will come on this but when making sauces with fresh sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, caramelized onions, olive oil and vegetable broth makes an amazing sauce.

• Use in rice dishes when you want a particularly flavored rice. This may not work as well when you want the rice to be more subdued such as when you want it as the base to an incredibly flavorful dish like Indian, Thai, or some Asian food.

• Make a gravy by mixing it with Earth Balance or other butter substitute and either boiling till thick or adding some cornstarch/flour.

• If you do not use soy sauce in a particular Asian dish you can make more of a “white” sauce with a base of vegetable broth and garlic.


These are just a few of the many things you can do with an amazing soup broth



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