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Cooking Concepts: Too Many Ingredients

Don’t use too many ingredients


One main problem people have with cooking is the use of too many ingredients.


People think of something they want to make…. and think to themselves, I really like this, this, this, this , this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this food. They then attempt to make every meal or many meals using all of these ingredients.


Sometimes people do not think vegetables change the flavor much of a dish. So they add all of the different ones they think they like. What they typically end up with is a “mess” of food that after they try it, they think…hmmm this ingredient will fix it. They add that ingredient… and it is still terrible.


The main problem is the use of too many ingredients. Sometimes a dish calls for many ingredients, many times it does not. Knowing the difference is very important. It is usually best to focus on a smaller number of more important things than think that every dish in a meal needs to be all things.


Trying to combine everything in the world into a food does not make it more healthy if you don’t end up wanting to eat the result.



Make your food focused and with a purpose…much like your life.




20 Responses to Cooking Concepts: Too Many Ingredients

  • Such wisdom :)

  • My brother and I want to know, if you’re vegan, is it ok to add your own blood to the dish?

  • I couldn’t agree more. Appropriate ingredients for a dish not a big mish mash of flavors. And of course season for Satan. /m\

  • Just wanted to say, I LOVE YOU!!

  • Most chefs will say that if you have more than 4 primary ingredients, you probably have too many. I find that this tends to usually be the case with almost everything.

  • Make your fooood like your LIFE……..INNN PRAISE OF SATAAAAAAAAN!!!1!

  • This has got to be the main reason I don’t cook. First of all, I don’t enjoy cooking. Second, its expensive to buy all those ingredients and then most of the go to waste if they’re not things I eat all the time. Third, it takes a long time to cook with that many ingredients…lots of prep and measuring…I don’t have that kind of time after work. I work 3 jobs (sometimes 4!) plus take care of a home by myself. I am a fat vegetarian…I know why…too much processed food! It’s an evil circle. I’m hoping to find lots of good ideas on this blog! Thank you!

  • I agree. I cook with very few ingredients, and I find my dishes still tasty and delicious. Actually I prefer simple recipes, and I always simplify those that are too complex, with lots of ingredients and all.

  • Well said. I have been a chef for many years, and my favorite thing to eat will always be this simple thing: lightly-steamed broccoli on baked short-grain brown rice with natto, a little toasted sesame oil, a little fresh garlic, and a little tamari. A squeeze of lemon on top is also nice. 😀

  • I’m the son of a farmer.
    I’ve nothing against vegans, but you’ve to know that if you don’t milk a cow she will suffer.

    • If you don’t take the calf away that was supposed to drink the milk she will not.

      • We’ve 2 cow and no bulls, she’ve been pregnant once, and her ‘daughter’ is us second cow (so she’s not dead). A cow can make 10-20 liters of milk a day, and a calf usually drink 5-7 liters. I love animals, and i take care of them.

        • So in nature after cows give birth and produce milk they just sit there and suffer the whole time in agony unless some human savior comes to milk them? I think not…or is it because we have selectively bread cows to produce more milk than ever?

          • I do not say this to attack you…just to show how its absurd that the cows desperately need us to milk them to feel good.

  • As both a Metal radio DJ and a food writer, I’m loving this blog!

  • greetings from Indonesia..i just got the link on youtube from a friend. this is so new and so hilarious!!!
    i cant stop watching these. and because in youtube you always sing the text in black metal i read all your writings in my mind with that voice too =p

    one day maybe you can post a video about the kitchen tour (kind of room tour )

  • hello. I’m from Cyprus. your show is fantastically funny. i am not a vegan I eat meat on a regular basis. In cyprus we have an abundance of space and we have very strict laws towards the treatment of animals. my grandmother raises many chickens. the have a few acres of space to roam around in and they are fed with grain which she grows herself. we mainly eat the eggs from the chickens. I keep eating meat but we are now making many more salad dishes because i’m older and i started enjoying veggies more. I haven’t eaten from kfc since i was 7(i’m 13 now) because of the unhealthiness and I recently saw the video of how they treat the chickens.

    I’m looking forward to more episodes from you
    thank you,

  • LOVE the show. I make tempeh and I hope you might be interested in sacrificing some on your altar in a future episode. Let me know, I will send it fresh and still alive for maximum sacrificial power.

  • So want a shirt… but completely unwilling to spend $10.49 in shipping via UPS ground for it.

    • The Cheapest shipping is like 3 bucks… and is as reliable as the mail is. Hopefully a better way will manifest in the future. Thanks for the support!

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