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Emotional Guidance System

So here is a revelation of the ages. Ponder this with me please. I have been listening to a lot of the teachings of Abraham (as channeled through Ester Hicks) recently and there is one major point that they teach that the entire world should wake up to. That is the concept of the Emotional Guidance System.


Just go with it here for a second. What if we knew before we came into this lifetime that we could accomplish everything our essence set out to do in this incarnation? Although it is not always perfectly easy to connect directly with our spiritual essence in our physical body to find out exactly what we wanted to do, what if we came to this life with a compass?


What if we knew that we would always have a compass to let us know if our actions were in alignment with what would be fufilling to us?


We have this compass!


Its our emotional guidance system.


Whenever we do anything or even think about doing anything, bring consciousness to that action. Make sure to pay special attention to the emotional feeling around that action. It will either feel some degree of “good” or some degree of “bad”. This is our compass throughout life of what we should be doing. If it feels bad, You are Not Supposed to Do it! If it feels Good, then go for it!


Sounds like a no-brainer right?


Here is where it gets complicated.


Our society has conditioned and told us to ignore this divine guidance system and conform to its expectations instead. Bad is often the new Good. We are told to do this or that for some gain even if our emotional guidance system is telling us the opposite. After a long time of this, after a long time of the suppression of the emotional guidance system, even though outwardly everything could seem to be going fine by societies standards, inwardly there will be nothing but discontent.


I am no stranger to suppressing my own emotional guidance system. Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome society’s, your parent’s, your religion’s conditioning and break free to your divine purpose. But once this is done life just gets exponentially better by every degree that you begin to follow this internal compass. After some practice of connecting with your inner self you can even get verbal or symbolic answers to your questions of guidance but by far the easiest and surest way is to follow this emotional compass. It knows true north to happiness every time.


How does this relate to veganism or other aspects of your life that may be difficult?


You may be thinking at the moment “YES! It does not feel good to workout, or try veganism, or any other seemingly difficult tast so I should not!”


“Thank you VBMC and Thank you Abraham for this revelation!”


Well if thats what your emotional guidance system really says then I say follow it.


But make sure you bring perfect consciousness to the emotion. Is it saying it is not right? or is it just Fear?


Fear is something you need to face and work through. That is yourself getting in your own way. Fear will hold you back from getting the life you want, the body you want, the mind you want… everything.


So pay attention to your emotional guidance system and make sure your feelings of good or bad are not coming from a place of fear. If it is, concentrate on it, visualize yourself doing it until the fear subsides…then check your emotional compass again.