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Forum is up

Vegan Black Metal Chef Forum is up….Discuss things there.   Just click the link above.


Ultra huge thanks to everyone that has donated in the audio section.  Youall are awesome.

Super appreciated.

11 Responses to Forum is up

  • The forum is off to a great start. Wheeeeee!

  • all hail seitan!

  • Hey dude, thanks for the awesome video, lookin forward to more!

    I’d like to support your cause, but sadly I’m too lazy to make a Paypal account or a Visa/Mastercard card I could use for online payments. If you would like to, contact me via email, I can surely send some money directly to your bank account once I get to US and found a bank acc in there (coming soon)


  • We support you!

  • Vegan Black Metal Chef Academy? Maybe? Awesome video!! Keep them coming!

  • think about recording a CD,it would sound awesome! \m/ Keep it Brutal \m/

  • hi man, greetings from Colombia!!!

    you are great man!!! nice idea cook arround the black metal.

    your Sounds are gorgeous, voices are really good and your food looks very provocative



  • Very badass (this coming from a devout meat-eater)!

    I can’t wait for more videos!


  • Nice edge to the cause, excellent videos and brilliant idea! :)
    I’m a Swedish flexitarian that holds environmental issues highest if I have to choose. Maybe it could be informative and plan B-isch to just mention that vegan food also uses less resources in production, this lowers stress on the environment and is beneficial in the fight against food insecurity (people starving).
    Other than that keep up the good work, Rock on!

    • Read the “why vegan” section It is alluded to in there if not stated outright. Thanks for the support!

  • Dude, your videos are loads of fun. I just recently made the step from vegetarian to a (just 12 days into it so far, but not missing anything so far) vegan, and I was looking for some vegan cooking videos… and found yours. Had me laaaaughing. And learning (I’m a horrible cook, but you made it seem very approachable)! I learned quite a lot actually 😀 And when I went to the website mentioned at the end, it was great to see that you also seem like a spiritual person (even mentioning the higher self and all). It makes me wonder if many vegans are? Maybe that’s a sign, if so. Keep kicking ass. My favorite parts are when you accidentally load up on too much of something and suddenly go FUCK!!! it’s unexpected XD

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