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German Fans…

Update Here is the official Youtube response.


Hi Brian,

Sorry if this is a little different than what you were told by our associates in Copyright, but it appears the reason your video is blocked in Germany is due to ongoing issues with GEMA, the German Collecting Society. For more information, please read on:

At the moment there is some content that is blocked in certain countries even if the rights are secured with most rights holders.  Although we may have permission to monetize content from these rights holders, we can only monetize content if all rights in the videos are cleared.  This includes music in Germany.  While YouTube has agreements with local German and global music labels as well as German artists, such labels and artists can only monetize their content outside of Germany.  YouTube is in communication with the German Collecting Society (GEMA) in hopes of making music content in Germany available in the near future.


The YouTube Team


Video uploaded to Vimeo for anyone having trouble viewing it on youtube

16 Responses to German Fans…

  • I fucking hate my fucking country for that… every nice fucking video is censored for nothing.
    Youtube has to die, quickly for that.

    Hopefully we get the video back o/!

    Cook on \m/

    • You shouldn’t hate Germany (what? oO) nor should Youtube die because of this. Things you should hate instead: GEMA []
      I don’t know why GEMA seems the only local copyright collective that can’t make a deal with Google.

  • The video might be banded because of the Black Metal content. (I know.. stupid) Germany likes to control what their citizens see for some reason. Most violent video games have the blood and gore removed in German editions because of this. Perhaps this is the reason your video is not playable in Germany.

    I doubt it has anything to do with copyrights.

    • Trust me, nobody (!) here likes to be controlled in these ways or even understands the reasons behind the respective decisions outside the GEMA, the USK (the German equivalent to the US’ ESRB) and other, similar organisations themselves.

  • Hmm….If you check My videos / you can see Mondify – insight – Public and Copyright information. if you click here you can see in which country the video is blocked and why.
    I have some problem with some video in germany too…. i have write to youtube many and many times becouse i have the copyright, but no reply… good luck!

  • maybe you can officially upload the video somewhere else to circumvent that problem.
    I’ve used VIMEO ( in the past. It works rock solid, and the streams’ quality is at least equally good.

    mr. e.l.i

  • Well, that strikes me as kind of… fascist?

  • It is a shame that you can’t spell on your Pad Thai YouTube video. The correct way to spell ‘preperation’ is PREPARATION. You have the poor spelling in such large letters splashed across your video that it made you look ignorant and uneducated.

  • Thank you very much for putting it on vimeo. It’s appreciated.

  • Ah what?? That’s lame. So… the German Snuff/Fetish films are good, but you can’t watch recipe videos there…? Hahaha

  • You are very famous in Brazil! I’m a vegetarian and like so much your video. And the song too!

  • How can this have been done for copyright? You composed all your own material for this, didn’t you?

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