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Greetings From The Cold Northern Shores of Orlando, Fl

First of all  I am incredibly pleased and humbled from the awesome inital response.


You all Kick Ass for enjoying (or not enjoying) The awesome combination of great food and blackmetal.


Thank you for being patient while I get every thing up and running with this webpage.  I’m kinda bootstrapping my way up with this so if everything is not just as it should be on day 3… then just calm the fuck down.


There will be many more videos, meal ideas, “recipes”, music,  and misspellings to come.


The main purpose of this project is to answer the question “what do vegans eat?”  In the best way I can think of to explain it.


It will expand a bit beyond that scope to cover other issues as well but that will still be the main focus.


I love the comments left on the site but thinking of a good way to manage them before I start approving… They are not falling into a black hole.


Making music/recording and cooking are 2 of my 3 main passions in life.  I don’t settle for o.k. food and neither should you.


There will be an “about me” page shortly.


Get updates from the Facebook and Youtube pages to the right.

Thank you again!


108 Responses to Greetings From The Cold Northern Shores of Orlando, Fl

  • Vegan Black Metal Chef – Please keep it coming.

  • should we ask what that 3rd main passion in life is??? hmmmm … i absolutely love the way u r doing things… UR AMAZING !!! \m/ ^,..,^ \m/

  • this rules. keep metal

  • Excuse me for my bad english, i’m from France, but i would say you are awesome dude!
    I love metal, my girl friend is vegan, and i cook often for she.
    So your video is perfect for me :D.
    Keep it true, and make other video like that.

  • You are awesome. That is all that needs to be said.

  • And I can honestly, say it was just not “OK”, but fantastic! lol.
    Brutal, comical, tasty and original – great job!!!!

  • I received your video from a buddy of mine…and then passed it on to 5 of my friends. Yes, like a chain letter! Actually, that was quite original and I can see you becoming famous overnight with this! I look forward to more and since I’m allergic to spicy, I’m hoping you’ll have a few non-spicy dishes I can whip up. Hurry up with the damn website!! 😛

  • Dude! Kickass cooking video! I fucking love this! Anthrax posted a link to your Pad Thai video on their Facebook page and I checked it out. Glad I did! \m/

  • Words cant explain how EPIC you are!!!

  • Neeeeeeeeeeed moooooaaaaaaaaar videozzzzzzz!

    I lol’d so hard when you invoked Satan at the end. 😀

  • I’m making Pad Thai tonight for dinner!
    Can’t wait for more recipes \m/

  • Your YouTube is freaking amazing. I live in Orlando & work at a vegan bakery. And now I’ve become a huge fan of yours. Can’t wait for more vids.

  • Yes. Yes. YES. I enjoyed every second of your video and I can’t wait for more! And even though I’m a carnivore, I have to admit the pad thai looks AMAZING and I will make it myself soon!!

  • The progression at 6:51 is so awesome. It’s so medieval sounding. The drumming is just perfect.

  • Just saw your video, and it was the awesomest thing I have ever seen in my life, seriously. Misspellings and all. Fabulous music, and fabulous looking food that I will be trying to make tonight. Yum! Keep it up – you rock!

  • This stuff is TOTALLY KICK ASS!!! keep the posts-a-coming!

  • Hi. Found your video and I love it. Popped it to my Tumblr and hope you do not mind. Seriously, I’m not vegan and I don’t listen to Black Metal, but I LOVE that you love what you do. More, please, definitely!

  • This is my new favorite thing ever. I’m totally making that pad thai.

    If you want some vegan black metal orchestra on your next vid, let me know!

  • Awesome dude. Seriously.

  • Awesome job on the video, not to mention a great recipe too. The music kicks ass…now I feel the urge to prepare meals with swords and loud aggressive tunes raging!!!

  • Awesome work BUT… it’s not a black metal video without some lo-fi film of you aimlessly exploring a forest for no apparent reason. I’m pretty sure it’s against Norwegian law not to have this. Next time perhaps?

    • No law prohibiting black metal videos without “wandering” sessions unfortunately. But we usually include one or more blondes in our bm vids. You should think about including some in your next cooking show. And maybe get an altar with some candles and pentagrams and shit. Always good to set the mood before a good meal!

      Thanks for the first vid, am spamming all the people i know with it. Its superb. Am wondering when you are gonna appear on the morning shows 😛

  • At the risk of sounding lame, I count myself among your minions! Your video inspired me to his the Asian supermarket this weekend. Oh, and your knife collection is awesome.

  • Praise Seitan!

    Thank you for making the Internet awesome.

    May I recommend that you have an mp3 version of the “recipe” available and any other music projects you have going on.

    Vegan for Life!

  • this is awesome, i am so excited! i just saw your pad thai youtube video and i almost pissed myself, it was that fucking rad!

  • Your job is awesome

    “infernal hails” from Chile

  • Seriously that was the most metal thing I have seen this decade. I hope you made a sixhundred and sixty five more hundred episodes.

  • Church burnings, sodomizing Guy Fieri, urinating on Rachel Ray, and all these things are, of course, things that I support 100 percent and it should have been done much more and will be done much more in the future. We have to remove every trace from what Christianity and the Semitic roots and the Food Channel have to offer this world. Satanism is freedom for the individual to grow and to become Superman. Every man who is born to be king becomes king. Every man who is born to be a slave doesn’t know Satan. And every man that watches “No Reservations” hoping that it isnt the exact same shtick in a different location is a fool.

  • You are all kinds of black awesomeness from the sunshine state!!


  • Fuck yeah, brutal first comment. I wrote down your Thai recipe. I will be making it for dinner soon following all the steps, including summoning the power and heat of Satan into it. Then I will gorge myself on your meatless dish.

  • Your recipe was so metal, gruesomely delicious ! Thanks a lot for sharing it with some kickass BM music !


  • Dude, you rule!! Seriously AWESOME!!! What’s the music in the clip, its excellent too!!
    Keep it up!

  • You are the best, keep it going! Idea of veganism is surely worth propagating, and the way you do it is absolutely awesome. You put much effort in your work: the music, clothes, facepainting… it’s great to see such nicely done vids. And I’m sure I will use your recipes many times to cook a mix of healthy, tasty and blasphemous. Props!

  • this is just pure fucking awesome ! can’t wait for the next recipe \m/ ^_^ \m/

  • Behold the glorious… Pad thaiiiiiii ♪♫♪\\m//(^o^)\\m//♪♫♪

  • Dude, Keep these up and I might actually convert to vegan lol Music is power man. I am so waiting for the next & spreading the video, you are one epic man!

  • Thanx a lot, that’s all I can say! Really funny-dark as I love! I can’t wait the next video! I’m still laughing right now and I’ve stopped the video 5 min ago! Carry on like that, you rock!

  • This might sound wrong, but what I love about your concept is that it should show to people who do not know, and/or despise people who love black metal, that they dont eat live children and praise satan (I mean not all the time haha). You guys have a sense of humour and like the same things that other people like. Such as great food =).
    Black Metal Cuisine is super awesome.

    – Lily.


    I think this is the beginning of something really reaaaaaaaaaaaaally big. I hope one day you have your own TV show and present those meals worldwide (interwebz is fine, but you never know) :D!!

    PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THAT SATAN KNOWS HOW TO COOK… and not only doomed souls :3

  • Brian’s my first name, I’m 30, vegan, you signed up for your YouTube account on my birthday, I was just about to shoot a cooking video for a Red Curry recipe, and holy shit that’s a lot of coincidences. Thanks for all the misspelinngs – A…don’t stop rockin’, the dark ones are pleased…///¡!¡!

  • You hit my sweet spot with this video. Black metal and amazing food. I was made a very happy man. Thank you!!! It was AWESOME!!!

  • I don’t like metal and I’m not vegan but your video is kick ass. Very enjoyable and made me want to cook pad tai! Loved it.

  • I think I’m in love! Thank you for making vegan cooking cool. Real Satan worshippers (and agnostics, like me) don’t eat meat!

  • Hey Man, I host a metal show at a collage station here in Calgary. Would you be interested in doing an over-the-phone interview? My show is called ‘Bassackwards; it air Thursday nights (friday mornings) from midnight – 2am (mountain time)

  • This is amazing. Would you mind if I mentioned it on my blog and linked back to your site?

  • I love everything about your idea and your execution, right down the spelling errors. I can never sit through the whole thing without laughing, my friends and I walk around quoting our favourite bits at each other now 😀

    Thank you for sharing this with the world <3

  • That… was amazing. I’m not a vegan, but as a food lover and enjoyer of metal, I have to say you put a smile on my face while giving me some ideas on making a tasty Pad Thai sauce.


  • I am SPEECHLESS. Standing ovation (and a contemplation of a proposal of hand and heart :DD) Droolings and salivations! Hail VBMC!!!

    An immediate and smitten fan,

  • You-re a genius! I saw your video through a friend, and I fell in love with it. Gonna show it to all of my friends. Thank you so much! xoxo

  • Awesome job on your first video, I might actually try a little vegan food if I see something I might like.

    Good luck with your cooking and music! ♥

  • Bad ass! Food straight from the black pit of a dark overlord! Keep it coming, brother! All hail Satan! \m/

  • Hi!
    The Pad Thai is incredible!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Awwwwwsome and evil!!!!

    Too much salt, find a substitute for cilantro (I’m allergic so it makes me look like I’ve been french-kissing SATAN!) and I’m right in the pits of hell with you, head banging until my neck hurts.

    I wish I could find something more guttural to express how great this was. (Maybe Klingon? ‘oH ‘oH ghobe’ [a] QaQ jaj Daq Hegh [until] SoH ghaj [fullflled] lIj [oath] {I have to find a better translation engine})

    • Cilantro alternative in this case only = Basil or you can use Culantro if you are not allergic to that.

  • Loved your vid! Keep them coming!

  • OMGOSH!!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEO. It is so awesome. I laughed so hard. This is the best thing I have seen on the internet this year. Thank you for posting this. It is absolutely genius, beautifully done and inspiring. I posted it to my blog yesterday. Hope that’s OK. Hope to see more soon.



  • You sir, just pwnt the non-vegans and the non-metalheads with 1 shot! :-)

  • Thank you for posting the meat videos…. I can’t watch them, they are too much for me, but I have seen videos about this before. I try to pick local foods as much as possible, as not all farms are violent and abusive, but these big corporate chains pumping out as much food as they can in a a short amount of time are not looking at this from any kind of moral stand point, but instead from a dollar stand point. I think everyone should see these videos and go from there. I actually tried Vegan-ism for a while, but my body needs things I couldn’t get from just fruits and vegetables, and those supplements get really pricey! If people actually stopped and considered the consequences of their actions, both immediate and long term, I think more people would make conscious efforts to stop these things from happening. Honestly, most people don’t want to think about anything, because they don’t want the responsibility, they want everything quick and easy and beneficial to them. Animals DO have feelings, and they DO feel pain, and just because their IQ is not as high as ours, it doesn’t mean they should be tortured. Hopefully this post will get people thinking and we can all make little adjustments here and there, if not go all out, because every little bit helps.

  • Fuc… awsome, man! That’s great stuff!!! Thank you for that!!!!! You rule!

    Greetings from Braga, Portugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Satri (aka Rui Barbosa)

  • Hey fellow Orlando-ian! Love the video. I’m going to keep an eye out for you next time I’m at Ethos.

  • Hi
    Love what you’re doing. I was with you most of the way, until you mentioned Avatar, that movie sucks ass. Isn’t the message from Avatar that it’s ok to sacrifice everybody and everything who’s on your side so that you can complete your macho need to be the winner.

  • Hey, I was turn on to your youtube post and I have shared it with many friends. Most are neither vegan nor into metal but they are all huge fans. No shit, what you are doing is genius!

    I plan to share the meal with my mom. As a carnivore she won’t be turning her stomach over to the vegan dark lord anytime soon – but we’ll work on that!!!

  • You. Are. Awesome.
    Please, we want more episodes of Vegan Black Metal Chef!!!!

  • awesome video, really
    oh man, that satan part in the end made me lol big time in real life haha

    greetings from Brazil!

  • I just want to say how completely AWESOME your first episode is! I’ve sent the youtube link to all my friends. I don’t have any vegan friends, and I sometimes get a lot of guff about my diet. Showing them your web series will be a great way to bridge the gap. Please keep the episodes coming!! \m/

  • You are funny in such intelligent ways, Vegan Black Metal Chef! Great peice of culture you contributed. Greetings from the cold shores of the Nether Regions…

  • Absolutely loved that, great way to present it and finally something to back me up that most vegans do not fit the stereotype that people seems to have. I will definitely be passing this link on. Your ‘Why vegan’ section gave most of the same reasons I do when asked about being vegan. Loved the music and the whole thing is entertaining, informative and really inspiring me to get cooking :)

  • Yay another metalhead that breathes and thinks and finds a good way in the world. I’m inspired that you can be so dedicated to spend so much time cooking, not to mention also recording sweet-ass music, and making videos, and making a website! And you’ll be blessed for doing so with the happy nod of the Universe. Look inside yourself and you will find a black demon meditating in the forest with a hunger for the vibrations of organic veggies.

  • I really enjoyed the first episode, but without precise measurements I can’t exactly make this at home… which angers me because that pad thai looks delicious.

    • The video is the recipe, read the description of the vid…others have made it, you can too! Its way more fun without exact measurements

  • this is just amazing. Its like pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, but with BLACK METAL AND AWESOME VEGAN FOOD. You make me wanna pet a kitty and burn a church at the same time

  • thanks for kicking ass and your awesome sense of humor. enjoy all the attention you’re getting and fun you’re spreading, you deserve it. love the laugh quote too. never thought about that, but it’s true! keep it coming.

  • So in love with you! Way to show that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to be weak or soft and fuzzy. Cannot wait for the next video. When’s the tour start?

  • First off. The combination of good food and black metal, I feel, are aspects definitive of my character. So I was SOOOO excited when you posted your video (which I LOOOOVED). I wanted to share a recipe of my own with you and everyone here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Hails, Horns and Cutting Boards!

    3 cups finely chopped mushrooms

    1 red onion, minced

    3 cloves garlic, minced

    1 tsp of salt

    1/4 cup bread crumbs

    2 cups grape nuts

    2 tbsp olive oil

    1 tbsp pepper

    1 thinly sliced tomato

    Preheat oven to 350

    Add mushrooms, onion, garlic and salt to medium skillet cooking on medium heat until liquid has reduced completely. Stir frequently to prevent burning. Transfer to large mixing bowl and add grape nuts, olive oil and pepper, mix thoroughly. Set aside for 10 minutes to allow the grape-nuts to retain moisture.

    Transfer to oven safe pot with lid (dutch oven/cast iron pot) and cover mix with tomatoes (tomatoes will add more moisture and steam to the ingredients to prevent drying while baking).

    Bake for 30 minutes. You may either mix in or remove tomatoes to your preference. Add your favorite spices or seasonings for any dish such as tacos, burgers, lasagna, meat-loaf etc. Keeps for up to a week or more in the fridge. Totally freezable.

  • ^ Vegan Ground Beef BTW.

  • found you via a friend on facebook. i’m a vegan myself and i found your video entertaining and your arguments on being a vegan well thought out and persuasively written. really well done. keep it coming.

  • Nice one dude, I really like your work..

  • hello Briand i just saw your amazing video on youtube and you are just a genious is the most original thing i ever saw in my life .. and i love your knifes and your gloves hehehe myself im in a black metal band and i love that style of metal is part of my roots .. and i love vegan food too even if i eat meat but i love vegetables i think you should to have your own tv program honestly you are fucking great !!! if you dont care i want to post your video in my site becuase this need to be showing !!!! sorry for my bad english is not my first language .

  • Brilliant. I look forward to more.

  • Your video is fantastic! Where do I get that cutlery?

  • I’ve passed the youtube link to everyone. This never ceases to make me smile. It’s pure awesomeness. You can cut the tofu and turn my plate anytime. I’ve recently become a vegetarian and am looking for great recipes. I have to try this one out. I dont know if I can conjure the dark spirits quite like you but I’ll give it a try.

  • Came here from a link off of blabbermouth…and this has got to be one of the coolest videos Ive ever seen. I have been a vegetarian for 16 years and I would love to go vegan. However, I lift weights a couple days a week (been doing it for over 25 years) and find that when I try to go vegan I lose weight and muscle.

    If in the future you could post some high calorie/protein receipes that would be great

    Im sick of eating cottage cheese and eggs just to maintain muscle mass.

    Veganblackmetalchef…help me get off this stuff and deliver me from evil!

    • Will do man. I’m a big fan of the p90x (beach body coach too actually) so this topic is also important to me. I am not an ultra weightlifter yet, but the first time through the p90x defiantly gave some mass. I don’t eat a ton of ultra low calorie food…future videos will show this. I will try to get up as soon as possible my smoothie method that actually makes that rice and pea protein stuff taste good…like actual good, not fake good. I didn’t think it was possible either.

      • Excellent! Even though Ive been lifting weights for so long, Im not some big ogre (nor do I want to be). Im 6’2, 190 pounds with a 32 inch waist. Ive never done P90x or similar workouts cause it would burn too many calories and I would lose weight/muscle. Low rep, high intensity, very little cardio is what works for me. When I started lifting over 25 years ago, I weighed 125 pounds (and was 6’2). Ive always had a fast metabolism and gaining/maintaining weight has always been my biggest problem….still even as I approach my forties.

        Anway, great to hear you are into fitness too. Im looking forward to your future recipes including that great tasting smoothie you talked about

      • VBMC, this is great. I’m a vegan as well as a personal trainer over here in the UK and I firmly believe that a vegan diet is compatible with great health and fitness. Any information that can be passed onto people about combining protein sources, vegan alternatives to fish oils etc, will be of huge value. A vegan diet doesn’t have to mean that you’re a pale and weedy non athletic runt. I’m running faster now than I was in my 20’s and I’m not that far off 50 now. So keep up the good work.

  • Yours is the MOST ORIGINAL cooking video I have seen so far! In the beginning I thought it is a joke, but when I saw the Pad Thai unfolding, OMG!! The idea is too good to be true!! And, the best part is that it IS TRUE!! The Future is Vegan, way to go! Looking forward to more!

  • I smell a tasty book/video deal in your future.

    • PS: I forwarded the link to one of the divisions of Random House responsible for such things.
      So people who work on Martha Stewart’s & The Barefoot Contessa’s, books are actually watching and enjoying your video.

  • Dude, this just kicks fucking ass! Black metal grinding away while learning some yummy recipes. You have just made cooking even more fun. I may just have to try to do the Pad Thai thing because it’s fucking grubbin’. Thanks, Vegan Black Metal Chef!

  • Man, I’m not into metal, black or otherwise. I’m not into vegan food either (though for the reasons you mention, I have cut down on meat considerably over the past years). Nevertheless your vid works perfectly and here I am, off to cooking vegan. The world works in mysterious ways. Perhaps you’re a shaman 😉

    PS: recently I read a good piece saying “Meat is murder? It’s more like suicide!” – because, apart from animal suffering, it’s environmentally unsustainable, extremely inefficient (especially eating animals that you feed with crops), and contributing significantly to climate change (especially our bovine obsession, and then I don’t just mean cow farts, but what they eat and cost to raise).

  • You’ve combined two of my favourite things–black metal and vegan cooking!

    Unfortunately I didn’t make the Pad Thai as I am allergic to soy… the tofu seemed pretty important, but it looked super tasty. I am currently a strict vegetarian and my boyfriend is technically a carnivore but he mostly cooks veg. foods. We live in a small, very isolated city and in addition to my soy allergy I have severe anaemia (among other medical conditions, I am a sickly child) so it’s hard to find healthy vegan food that I can eat. Still, I am hoping to go properly vegan as soon as we move to a bigger city where I can access food that won’t kill me! The boyfriend is very open to vegan/vegetarian cooking; he is a chef and he loves a challenge. Fortunately he also appreciates how awesome and delicious things can be without meat and dairy and whatnot.

    BTW needless to say, we enjoyed the hell out of the music. It is seriously quite a lot better than some black metal albums I have forced myself to sit through.

    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see more delicious foods.

  • You are doing an absolutely fantastic job and my entire family looks forward to your next episode. What you’re doing is admirable on multiple levels, from promoting veganism in a fresh new way, leading by example (and humor) in providing recipes, eradicating the prejudicial stereotype that vegans are self-righteous prigs who force their opinion on others, causing vegan and non-vegan to join in deep and abiding laughter and probably tripling sales in the knife department of every martial arts store in the country. Best of luck to you. You’re an extremely talented man.

  • I think Ghaal and the other Norwegians would approve!

  • SPECTACULAR VIDEO. We all here in Chicago await the next.
    I posted a link to your massive video on my vegan cookbook site.
    Hope that is okay! Everyone bows to it!

  • How awesome! A vegan phenomenon living quite nearby (I live near Tampa). Post some more things as soon as you can, if you would.

  • this is simply unbelievable. please, sir, may i have some more?

  • Oh wow, you’re in Orlando? I’m goin’ to Full Sail in Winter Park myself. Noice!

    Anyways, mega kudos on your show. Can’t wait to both watch, cook and headbang to your videos. Keep at it!

  • i told you this the other night, and i will say it again: i LOVE this! keep it up, my friend! this is going to go very far, and hopefully change some people’s thoughts about eating our animal friends. i have been a vegetarian for 20+ years, so this is right up my alley! keep rockin’ it, manowitz! 😉

  • This is possibly the best cooking website I’ve seen in a friggin long time – You’re pad thai looks sensational – I nearly fucking pissed myself when I saw this – and I am spreading it around – together we can smash the vegan hippy stereotype.
    Awesome work man.
    Caitlyn, Australia

  • man, I love your show but you’re killing me with all this instant potato mash mix, tomato sauce, MSG and insane amounts of margarine. What happened to fresh ingredients? and why don’t you peel the potatoes? and why are you frying with olive oil?
    Keep up the good work guy, but please please cut that shit out

  • Your video was sent to me by a friend of mine that is not vegan, but enjoys your style of music. I am new to vegan cuisine, and am constantly searching for new recipes. I am also doing other things in my life to better myself, and transitioning to veganism is just the begining. I also share the pad thai video on facebook, as I have many vegan friends.

  • hello from Croatia! Im not vegan but i love black metal and you’r way of prepairing the dish…great idea. I wanted to ask you where do you buy all that stuff, your kitchen looks fucking amazing!!!

  • Oh my, you’re in Orlando? If I wasn’t married, I’d beg you to marry me. Unless you’re up for entertaining myself and my male… at the same time. Man, I am such a freaking perv.

    Fantastic videos, and sexy black metal. Keep ’em coming.

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