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Behind The Video Episode 3: Tempura Asparagus Sushi

Why no list of ingredients?


I refrained from putting a list of ingredients at the start of this one mainly because it would take up too much time and have too many optional ingredients.


If you want something writen down so you can see easily here it is…





Jasmine rice



White Vinegar (or Rice wine vinegar)


The batter/breading:


Self rising flour

White wine


Garlic powder (optional)


Breading – Panko Japanese breadcrumbs



Sushi Filling


Tempura asparagus

Nori (dried seaweed sheets)

I usually just add some bell pepper, or avocado, or thin pieces of green onion

Flied Garlic (optional…but really good)

Tofutti Brand “Better Than Cream Cheese” (Garlic and Herb Flavor)(more on this below)


Seaweed salad (more on this below also)



Runes, spikes, Ice and Woods…


Someone wrote that I should warn people that the Viking Roll and Black Metal Rolls were a joke and not to eat them….


Should every knife be labeled “do not cut head off with”


Just doing my part to pull the weeds of humanity. If you are smart enough to turn on a computer and find youtube… you should be smart enough to ride this ride.



Lets talk about Tofutti Brand “Better than Cream Cheese” (Garlic and Herb Flavor) for a second.


This stuff…. I keep going back and fourth about.


First thing to be said is that it is pretty much always good on sushi as long as you don’t go absolutely nuts with it.


On other things,like bagels, sometimes I think its terrible and just when I have my mind made up that its really terrible, I will have it on a cinnamon raisin bagel and its really good. So I keep flip flopping on this shit in general but try it for yourself.



On seaweed salad


One person wrote “show us how to make the seaweed salad”!


To this I reply… I dont think I have ever seen the parts of seaweed salad sold separately. I have only seen it as a prepackaged already put together thing.


You can buy it in little packs in the frozen or refrigerated section of your Asian store. Here is another thing where you might have to try out a few different brands. Good Seaweed salad is fucking amazing and you will never leave a place that sells it without having some again. However there also exists bad seaweed salad.


Bad Seaweed salad can be horrible and often tastes like you are licking a large wet dog…not that I know what that tastes like.


So in conclusion… one last piece of advice. Make this shit! It is seriously really really fucking good. I eat this once or twice a month at least Enjoy the fine aroma of your asparagus pee as you peer into the toilet to read your fate of the viking roll you just ate.






Behind the Video: Episode 2 – Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages

This video showed some…..big suprise……. easy vegan meal ideas.

Lets take a closer look at them.


All star redneck Medley


The most common question that comes up from non U.S. viewers is “What the fuck is Earth Balance”?


Earth balance is just a really good vegan butter substitute. I’m sure there are other ones in other countries. If you get the chance to try earth balance, do it…its actually better than butter. Seriously that what my non vegan friends have said when they try it.


The rest of the recipe is not rocket science. It was not intended to be the height of culinary amazingness.


It focused on 1) tasting awesome and 2) being EASY for this video. This is an awesome easy meal that I make at least once or twice a month.


Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms and Red Pepper sauted in Truffle Oil.


There are 2 main pitfalls when making this.


First of all.. the amount of truffle oil that you add.


Truffle oil is some tasty shit…. like all other tasty shit this is a double edged sword. If you add too much its wayyyyyyyyyyyy too tasty. Again this will take a time or 2 to get just right with your tastes.


The second main pitfall of this dish is not cooking the Brussels sprouts long enough. They should be thoroughly cooked in the end, a little blackened on the bottom and when you taste one have no “raw Brussels sprouts” taste. Same with the mushrooms, they should have all of the “raw mushroom taste” cooked out of them. Try one before you take them out.


Sometimes you may also just get a bad batch of Brussels sprouts. Even if you remove the outer green leaves if this still comes out a little bitter after them being totally cooked…. it may just be the sprouts. Go to a different grocery store or produce stand and try a different batch. If the batch is pretty good than this will come out amazing.



Vegetable Pasta Upon The Throne Of The Apocalypse.


One question that has come up is “what is this soup seasoning”. I used Osem brand “chicken style” “consomme”. Soup seasoning in general is just like a dehydrated vegetable stock. A bollion cube or in this case a powder. If this brand is not available where you are there are many others that do the trick. I also like Vegita brand a lot.


This post will be updated as more questions or issues arise.


Behind The video: Episode 1 – Pad Thai

I’m going to talk for a moment about frequent questions and concerns when making the vegan pad thai.


•First of all the amount of rice noodles vs sauce is very important. In the video I used 1/2 lb of rice noodles.  This is the one quantity I gave in the description because I did not think it was clear from the video.  Rice noodles are pretty much the most bland thing on the planet. If you don’t believe me, boil one in unsalted water and give it a try.


We can use this knowledge to our advantage when making the pad thai. If the pad thai comes out too “flavor full” in any way, it can be saved a bit by adding some more rice noodles. If it comes out too bland, then it needs some more of the sauce ingredients.


Do not put salt in the water when boiling the noodles. The whole thing will be way too salty if you do. We are counting on the noodles being very bland to soak up the intense flavors.


This may take a time or 2 of making it to Taylor the flavor to you individual likings.



• A note on the tamarind.


Not everyone will be able to find tamarind soup base. I often find this in asian grocery stores but thats about it.


In many hispanic oriented places I can often find tamarind paste. If you use the paste you just have to take out the hard seeds or disolve some in hot water to take the seeds out.


One other thing you can use is “tamarind nectar” which can often be found on the Hispanic isle of many supermarkets. This is very watery so you would not add extra water. Surprisingly all 3 of these taste pretty similar and will all make a good pad thai.


This article will be updated as more questions or issues arise.

Constant and Never Ending Improvement

This is one topic that has truly changed my life, every day, for what I see as forever.


Anthony Robbins talks about this concept a lot, and put into practice can make or break your life. This needs to be applied across all areas of your phsycial health, relationships, work life/passions, and spirituality.


This is what gives you hope for the future, what makes every day a blessing and exciting. If you are not focusing on the core areas in all of these aspects of life and growing in them (not just staying still), then you are slipping.


Nature lets nothing stand still, nature always erodes what is stagnant and breaks down what does not have energy put into it. This is the concept science knows as “entropy’. Entropy is counteracted by putting energy into a system, the right energy that builds things up of course… you can also speed entropy along by helping it break things down.




So build up your physical health by putting energy into it…if not, you are slipping. Put energy into exercise, put consciousness into food and food choices. Consciousness is mental energy, just as potent as any other type of energy on the realms it operates on.



Put energy into your relationships. Weather it be with a partner, family, friend, your higher self, your town, city, country, world… If the relationships are not growing, they are slipping.




Put energy into getting better in the mental realm, at your work, occupation, passions. Get better at what you do every day. Love to get better at it. There is always work in this world for a master, not only that but a master is sought out, looked for carefully admist the crowds, and paid dearly for.




Put energy into your spirituality, to your giving to the world, your ultimate connection with your higher self and “The All” or God. Put energy into this relationship and it will pay many fold. This ultimate connection with “the all” and the love of oneself (once you know what “yourself” is) is ultimately the only thing that matters in life. Everything else is necessary and is part of loving oneself, but it is just that…part of loving oneself.


I hope you find this useful


Emotional Guidance System

So here is a revelation of the ages. Ponder this with me please. I have been listening to a lot of the teachings of Abraham (as channeled through Ester Hicks) recently and there is one major point that they teach that the entire world should wake up to. That is the concept of the Emotional Guidance System.


Just go with it here for a second. What if we knew before we came into this lifetime that we could accomplish everything our essence set out to do in this incarnation? Although it is not always perfectly easy to connect directly with our spiritual essence in our physical body to find out exactly what we wanted to do, what if we came to this life with a compass?


What if we knew that we would always have a compass to let us know if our actions were in alignment with what would be fufilling to us?


We have this compass!


Its our emotional guidance system.


Whenever we do anything or even think about doing anything, bring consciousness to that action. Make sure to pay special attention to the emotional feeling around that action. It will either feel some degree of “good” or some degree of “bad”. This is our compass throughout life of what we should be doing. If it feels bad, You are Not Supposed to Do it! If it feels Good, then go for it!


Sounds like a no-brainer right?


Here is where it gets complicated.


Our society has conditioned and told us to ignore this divine guidance system and conform to its expectations instead. Bad is often the new Good. We are told to do this or that for some gain even if our emotional guidance system is telling us the opposite. After a long time of this, after a long time of the suppression of the emotional guidance system, even though outwardly everything could seem to be going fine by societies standards, inwardly there will be nothing but discontent.


I am no stranger to suppressing my own emotional guidance system. Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome society’s, your parent’s, your religion’s conditioning and break free to your divine purpose. But once this is done life just gets exponentially better by every degree that you begin to follow this internal compass. After some practice of connecting with your inner self you can even get verbal or symbolic answers to your questions of guidance but by far the easiest and surest way is to follow this emotional compass. It knows true north to happiness every time.


How does this relate to veganism or other aspects of your life that may be difficult?


You may be thinking at the moment “YES! It does not feel good to workout, or try veganism, or any other seemingly difficult tast so I should not!”


“Thank you VBMC and Thank you Abraham for this revelation!”


Well if thats what your emotional guidance system really says then I say follow it.


But make sure you bring perfect consciousness to the emotion. Is it saying it is not right? or is it just Fear?


Fear is something you need to face and work through. That is yourself getting in your own way. Fear will hold you back from getting the life you want, the body you want, the mind you want… everything.


So pay attention to your emotional guidance system and make sure your feelings of good or bad are not coming from a place of fear. If it is, concentrate on it, visualize yourself doing it until the fear subsides…then check your emotional compass again.


Become A Roaring Fire

One of my favorite authors…Omram Michael Ivanov, a Bulgarian mystic, pointed out something interesting; what happens when a wind blows on a lit candle? The candle flame goes out of course.


What happens when a wind blows on a roaring flame? It get stronger!!!


This concept can be applied to many aspects of our being. When we are weak, a little trouble comes along and is a giant disaster for us. It sets us back, and can even derail an entire process for us and metaphorically “put us out”.


When we are strong however, little troubles are easily conquered and make us stronger in our conquering. When the winds of trouble blow on you, have the steadfast conviction not to let it blow you out. Transform the energy in the trouble into fuel for your fire!



Personal Development Audio

I have become a huge fan of personal development audio over the last year or so.


Personal development audio books have nourished my mind as I prepare food, clean the house, go for a walk, drive, and working out.


Some of my favorite personal development authors are Anthony Robbins, Steve Pavlina, Stephen Covey, zig ziglar and many others. You can download Steve Pavlina’s podcast series for free on his site. Many others I have checked out from the public library!


If you have not listened to personal development audio in the past, I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to bring more conscious direction to their lives.


I have found this to be incredibly useful to focus on the mind nourishing, dream life building, empowering, and growth inspiring ideas insted of my mind’s ceaseless chatter. As another one of my favorite authors, Swami Nithyananda, once wrote… “I only talk so your mind shuts up”. When you are listening to interesting engaging ideas, your mind stays quiet. You leave the task with mind fully nourished.


Listening to audio books in my spare time has allowed me to “read” (listen to) an incredible number of books in a short amount of time. I have gained so much insight from such topics as starting businsses, setting goals, relationships, the nature of the universe, spiritual development, living a principal centered life, neuro linguistic programming, why people behave how they behave, etc… This is just a small piece of the information I have gained. Even non personal development audio books have been good. The epic of Gilgamesh (one of the first stories ever written), books on the dead sea scrolls, Plato and Aristotle, Alternative Energy… and more!


Hopefully you have seen how useful it can be to expand your mind as you expand your cooking and other areas of your life!


Cooking Concepts: Too Many Ingredients

Don’t use too many ingredients


One main problem people have with cooking is the use of too many ingredients.


People think of something they want to make…. and think to themselves, I really like this, this, this, this , this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this food. They then attempt to make every meal or many meals using all of these ingredients.


Sometimes people do not think vegetables change the flavor much of a dish. So they add all of the different ones they think they like. What they typically end up with is a “mess” of food that after they try it, they think…hmmm this ingredient will fix it. They add that ingredient… and it is still terrible.


The main problem is the use of too many ingredients. Sometimes a dish calls for many ingredients, many times it does not. Knowing the difference is very important. It is usually best to focus on a smaller number of more important things than think that every dish in a meal needs to be all things.


Trying to combine everything in the world into a food does not make it more healthy if you don’t end up wanting to eat the result.



Make your food focused and with a purpose…much like your life.




Cooking Concepts: Soup Broths

Cooking concepts 1 Soup Broth


One of the things that took my cooking from good to great, was the discovery of cooking with soup broths/stocks. Of course I’m talking about vegetable/vegan broths. These are useful in so many ways. After learning how to use these you may never use or use far less of a prepared sauce again.




I like to experiment a lot with different soup broths. I typically purchase these but you can make them yourself as well.


It is well worth your time to experiment with new ones you find in the stores you shop at. Some of them are absolutely terrible and taste very “cheap”, others are amazingly fantastic and are obviously high quality from the first taste.


Here are some I currently use and enjoy (pics coming soon). I am always buying new ones and experimenting with them.  Some that I currently like include Almost anything the company Osem makes, Vegita, and various Asian Vegetable Bouillon cubes I get in the Asian store.  This is just a partial list. The list can change from time to time from what is available. Do not cling to any 1. There is no scarcity of great vegan food to be made. There is an extreme abundance. The concepts are what are important…if you have a few excellent soup broths of different kinds you can make a huge array of dishes.


Here are some tips on what to do with soup broths


• Add to Asian stir fry to make different sauces (videos to come on this).

• Add to a basic flavored pasta sauce to make it very flavorful. For this you want to use a powdered or “bullion” kind. See Video 2 for an example of this.

• Add to onion ring batter to make an awesomely flavorful batter.

• Use in Italian cooking… A video will come on this but when making sauces with fresh sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, caramelized onions, olive oil and vegetable broth makes an amazing sauce.

• Use in rice dishes when you want a particularly flavored rice. This may not work as well when you want the rice to be more subdued such as when you want it as the base to an incredibly flavorful dish like Indian, Thai, or some Asian food.

• Make a gravy by mixing it with Earth Balance or other butter substitute and either boiling till thick or adding some cornstarch/flour.

• If you do not use soy sauce in a particular Asian dish you can make more of a “white” sauce with a base of vegetable broth and garlic.


These are just a few of the many things you can do with an amazing soup broth



German Fans…

Update Here is the official Youtube response.


Hi Brian,

Sorry if this is a little different than what you were told by our associates in Copyright, but it appears the reason your video is blocked in Germany is due to ongoing issues with GEMA, the German Collecting Society. For more information, please read on:

At the moment there is some content that is blocked in certain countries even if the rights are secured with most rights holders.  Although we may have permission to monetize content from these rights holders, we can only monetize content if all rights in the videos are cleared.  This includes music in Germany.  While YouTube has agreements with local German and global music labels as well as German artists, such labels and artists can only monetize their content outside of Germany.  YouTube is in communication with the German Collecting Society (GEMA) in hopes of making music content in Germany available in the near future.


The YouTube Team


Video uploaded to Vimeo for anyone having trouble viewing it on youtube