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Personal Development Audio

I have become a huge fan of personal development audio over the last year or so.


Personal development audio books have nourished my mind as I prepare food, clean the house, go for a walk, drive, and working out.


Some of my favorite personal development authors are Anthony Robbins, Steve Pavlina, Stephen Covey, zig ziglar and many others. You can download Steve Pavlina’s podcast series for free on his site. Many others I have checked out from the public library!


If you have not listened to personal development audio in the past, I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to bring more conscious direction to their lives.


I have found this to be incredibly useful to focus on the mind nourishing, dream life building, empowering, and growth inspiring ideas insted of my mind’s ceaseless chatter. As another one of my favorite authors, Swami Nithyananda, once wrote… “I only talk so your mind shuts up”. When you are listening to interesting engaging ideas, your mind stays quiet. You leave the task with mind fully nourished.


Listening to audio books in my spare time has allowed me to “read” (listen to) an incredible number of books in a short amount of time. I have gained so much insight from such topics as starting businsses, setting goals, relationships, the nature of the universe, spiritual development, living a principal centered life, neuro linguistic programming, why people behave how they behave, etc… This is just a small piece of the information I have gained. Even non personal development audio books have been good. The epic of Gilgamesh (one of the first stories ever written), books on the dead sea scrolls, Plato and Aristotle, Alternative Energy… and more!


Hopefully you have seen how useful it can be to expand your mind as you expand your cooking and other areas of your life!