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Why Veganism Is The Best Single Action Anyone Can Make

I can hardly think of another way a person can make so much of a difference in the world than going vegan.


One lifestyle path,  not needing the actions of anyone else which has innumerable consequences


This article will not site any studies, lay out any disputable statistics, or otherwise suggest anything subtle and hard to detect. When looked at from even an “armchair” perspective, the conclusions are obvious.


Vegansim can solve or help significantly solve several of today’s most pressing problems.

1) Cost of Health Care

2) World Hunger

3) Greatly aid in cutting back pollution


First of all lets think about the cost of health care. Now its well known that one can be a junk food vegan and that all vegan food is not necessarily a “health food”. There are vegan cakes, pies, “n-ice cream”, fried food, sugar, preservatives, snack crackers and cookies.


Having said this however, ask yourself this question. Would the cost of health care be far less expensive or far more expensive if everyone in your country were vegan? The answer is still obvious. The cost of health care would plummet.


If everyone switched to a plant based vegan diet and brought consciousness to their actions, it is my opinion that incidences of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, along with many other preventable illnesses would be drastically reduced.


Something strange might arise, health care might become so inexpensive that there might be an abundance of resources to treat all those with genetic and less preventable illnesses of all types.


The debate of universal health care in the united states and other countries is a heated one where people try to distribute extremely limited resources and expensive treatments. The cost of funding this is already astronomical and growing.  Even if we only lessened the incidence of heart disease and obesity, just imagine the cost savings.


One does not even have to be a “health nut” while on a vegan diet to overall eat much better and be far more healthy.




Second of all, veganism helps solve the issue of world hunger and the increasing cost of food.


People in western countries only enjoy the amount of meat they currently eat at the current price because of intensive factory farming of animals, and the use of agricultural land to feed these animals that could be feeding many times more people.


Just think about how much more a cow or even a chicken has to eat to make a relatively small amount of food for people. These cows are not being fed grass and grazing upon the open hills, nor are the chickens eating various seeds and insects from the ground. They are both being fed corn and soybeans (among other grains and even ground up pieces of cow and chicken). These plants could be used much more efficiently to feed people instead.


This would create a large surplus of some plant based foods decreasing the prices around the world dramatically. Again, no studies or statistics are needed because its so obvious.


If everyone in India and china adopted the same diet as Americans (as they increasingly are), the current american food model would quickly become unsustainable.


What if this simple action of veganism not only decreased the food prices for everyone in the world… but helped cure one of the most disgusting problems of all… The sad truth is that currently people in the world do not starve because there is not enough food. They starve because they can not afford the food that is available and all around them.


Lastly bring your attention to the cutting back of pollution and use of energy and water sources in general.


Weather you care or believe in human caused global warming or not is irrelevant. Everyone on the other hand wants to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and have energy be affordable to do what they want with it.


The obvious fact is, there is tremendous waste in the consumption of animal products as opposed to a vegan diet. All of the fuel, water, and human labor used to manufacture and transport the food to animal farms, the fuel, water, and human labor to manufacture and transport the animals to make into food for humans would be conserved. The lakes of animal manure and factory farm waste, no more.


Animals must eat may times the weight in food to produce the same amount of food for humans. This means that all of the inefficiencies and use of resources that go into this process is horridly wasted in relation to its plant based alternative.


Just think for a moment of all the meat consumed in the world. All the fast food restaurants, all of the slow food restaurants, all of the grocery stores, everything of that nature. Each bit of meat, dairy, and all animal products represent a mountain of wasted resources. Who knows, with such inefficiency eliminated… there might just be abundance for all.


This is of course just the tip of the iceberg. It does not even touch on such obvious topics as the hormones pumped into meat, non objective topics such as ethics, resistant germs from antibiotics, etc..


There are many other grave problems in the world such as human trafficking and things of that nature that need to be solved. However many of these problems can not be solved without policing, changing of other peoples actions and many things beyond ones immediate control.


In comparison to things like this… all of the problems mentioned in this essay are really an easy fix in which you are either directly part of the cause or directly part of the solution…


What could you possibly have more control over than what you put in your mouth?