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The Seitanic Spellbook In English


The Seitanic Spellbook Ebook Cover


The Seitanic Spellbook exists!


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Greetings all,

Just letting you know that due to high back end prices for sellers on amazon, I need to charge 30 on amazon for the book. Still cheaper with the free shipping on Amazon than the 25 + standard shipping in the merch tab.

If you want a signed book, book + ebook packages that contain many versions of the ebook (pdf, mobi, epub), other discounted packages with other merch… then go to my merch page at

Thank you for your understanding and supporting individual authors. The english version of this book is essentially self published so it is not some “giant company” (yet).

The Seitanic Spellbook in French!


People of Swizerland and France.

This mini tour has been fucking awesome. Thank you for an amazing first time in Europe.

It was great meeting you all, talking, and cooking for you.

The Seitanic Spellbook is now out and available in French!!!

Get your copy here:

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Frostbitten Foods From Beyond

Episode 19 Is up!

Vegan German Potato Salad and Vietnamese Summer Rolls.

Easy, cheap, make it happen.

The only weird ingredients are with the summer rolls a few things you will need from the asian store

1) Rice paper wrappers (spring roll wrappers)
2) Hoisin sauce
3) Fried red onion and Fried garlic. (get this… seriously)

Vegan Cuts October Snack Box Sneak Peek

Greetings mortals,

Many of you by now have heard of the company Vegan Cuts which sends out monthly boxes of various vegan products.  This October I have partnered with them in showing you a sneak peek of the October snack box.

I have chosen 3 of the awesome snacks to show you which you will find in the October snack box.

1) Tasty brand Fruit snacks – these things fucking ruel

2) Flamous brand Zatar Chips – amazing chip to eat by itself or to dip in hummus

3) TCHO Chocolate Squares – “Because what the fuck would October be without some god damned chocolate squares” – TCHO that bit of marketing genius is on me, hire me for your next big marketing campaign.

Get your Vegan Snack Boxes shipped to you here:



Home Audio Recording – Best Metal Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses

Greetings mortals,


For those of you also into home audio recording, and also looking to get better guitar tone.  I have started a home recording website + youtube channel called


If you are fairly into home recording and “in the box” recording you are probably familiar with guitar cab IRs.  These are virtual guitar cabinets/microphones that allow you to record guitar quickly and easily all within the computer.  I was frustrated with most current options out there so I invented my own.


The entire Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode -18 Pastageddon was recorded with Killer Tone Cabs.  No additional post processing on Guitars except for mastering.


Check out the sound samples on the site.  Hope it helps you in your home recording, as well as your cooking,  journey.

Fast Vegan Pizza And Vegan Hot Dog Rolls

Once again, more doable veganism.

Here we are making 2 types of fast vegan pizza using some store bought pizza dough and crescent rolls. These are fast to make, cheap, and really easy.

You can also use the crescent rolls (or either) to make vegan hot dog rolls.

I like to dip the pizza in a garlic dipping sauce made from melting vegan butter together with garlic powder, and if I feel like making it, to dip the vegan hot dog rolls into a vegan cheese sauce (from the nacho and taco episode)

Here is the full cost analysis of this meal. If you want to skip the technical details, I will put the bottom line at the top.

My actual cost (via watching sales) was cheaper than this but this is the full price cost.


Vegan Pizza (pizza crust or crescent rolls):

Total price of a pan of pizza – 4.85 (no vegan cheese) – 6.45 (with vegan cheese)

A pan feeds 2 for a total of ~2.43 dollars per meal (no vegan cheese) – ~3.23 (with vegan cheese) dollars per meal


Vegan hot dog rolls:

My Cost per meal (eating 3) is 2.46 + any ketchup, mustard or vegan cheese sauce made



Full Cost Analysis

Pillsburry crescent rolls: 2.59 for 8

.32 per crescent roll


Pillsburry Pizza crust: 2.59


Vegie dogs: 3.99 for 8

Approx .50 per dog


vegan chick’n patty 3.99 for 4

approx 1.00 per each vegan chick’n patty


Tomato sauce: 3 jars for 7 dollars @ sams club

approx 2.33 per jar

maybe 8-10 uses

.3 – .23 cents per use


Bell pepper: 1.50
0.37 for 1/4 of it


1 whole pan of vegan pizza

2.59 for crust
1.00 for vegan chick’n patty
.30 cents for tomato sauce
.37 for a quarter bell pepper
~.20 for bananna peppers
~.12 for 1/4 onion
~ .10 for a jalipino

~4.68 with no spices, ~4.85 with spices

with 1/4 – 1/3 pkg of vegan cheese add 1.00 – 1.6

Total price of a pan of pizza – 4.85 (no vegan cheese) – 6.45 (with vegan cheese)

A pan feeds 2 for a total of ~2.43 (no vegan cheeese) – ~3.23 (with vegan cheese) dollars per meal

4x crescent rolls: 1.28
Sauce and toppings (1/2 that of the pizza) – 1.05 (with vegan chick’n patty .55 without)

Total for crescent roll pizza: ~2.33 (no vegan cheese) ~2.83 (wih vegan cheese)

Vegan hot dog rolls

.5 per dog
.32 per roll

.82 per dog roll

I can eat about 3 in a meal so my cost per meal is 2.46 + any ketchup, mustard or vegan cheese sauce made

The main reason I used the vegan chick’n patty was because I got them buy one get one free.

The crescent rolls were also on sale!

My cost was even significantly less than what was calculated, but even at full price… this is still pretty cheap.

Vegan Dim Sum Feast

Here is the first vlog episode on my series of “Do-able Veganism”

The purpose of these are to show what you can just go into the store and purchase things you might not have known was vegan, or possibly never knew existed.

This is not meant to show a full “from scratch” meal, as very few people eat each and every meal completely from scratch.  I will also start doing a cost analysis on the food to break it down on a per meal cost.

This episode focuses on Vegan Dim Sum.  Dim sum (also called Yum Cha) is a range of Asian dishes including but not limited to steamed buns, dumplings, spring rolls, and other “tapas” or “light bites” that are often served during specific days or times of days at some restaurants.

The steamed buns are often filled with some kind of filling similar to the dumplings.

I am a huge dim sum fan so I hope you learn something or get some inspiration from this.

Lets say you get the various things in this video.  You do not always have to eat them all as a dim sum meal just like this.

Other ideas would be to use each individually as a side dish to another main course.  Since they are so easy to make, they are a good candidate for a side dish.

You can also fry up some spring rolls, cut them up into bite size pieces, and just toss them into a noodle stirfry (such as in episode 4).  They add an amazing contribution to a dish just eaten right in it.

The dumplings can be quickly tossed in soup to give it more substance and flavor.


Here is a cost analysis of this meal:

Spring rolls $5.99  (24 per package)

cost per roll – .25


Buns: 2.29 (6 per package)

cost per bun – .38


Dumplings 4.99 (30 per package)

Cost per dumpling – .17


Total cost of the meal in video: 2.826


Total cost with sauces… – Around 3 bucks


Vegan Waffle Fry Nachos

Here is another Easy Vegan Recipe that really should be illegal.  I mean seriously… vegan waffle fry nachos?


First of all, make the nacho beans and vegan cheese from episode 12 (Ultimate Nachos and Tacos)

Then mix them together.

vegan refried beans and vegan nacho cheese vegan beans and nacho cheese mixture


Fry or bake some frozen Waffle Fries, add salt, and dig into that shit!

Holy fuck… Unholy Decadence.

vegan waffle fries and bean dip vegan waffle fries nachos