Vegan Sushi


This video gives you a complete, step by step, walk through on how to make vegan sushi.  Vegan Sushi is actually very easy to make if you know what to do, it can be very dissapointing otherwise.  This video will not teach you to make “pretty good” vegan sushi, this will teach you how to make restaurant quality A++ oh my fucking god vegan sushi.


First it starts with the rice.  Please only use jasmine rice or special sushi rice to make your vegan sushi.  This is very important.  The rice is critical. This video uses Jasmine rice but you can follow the water directions on your sushi rice if you are using that.


To give the rice that “restaurant quality” taste, the secret is adding salt, sugar, and vinegar.  Follow along with the quantities as best you can from the video. They are absolutely not exact quantities and there is plenty of leeway for error here.  Just eyeball it, this is seriously not an important step to get exactly right.


Next comes the asparagus.  I like to use medium sized asparagus because they seem to give the perfect fry time and texture. The large ones you need to fry for longer and gives them a bit of an odd texture/the breadding is very very fried.  The small (really thin) ones fry much faster than the breading so this is problematic as well.


Any brand of panko breadcrumbs should work out.  I use panko for so many things so buy in bulk and it is much, much, cheaper.


The other ingredients are largely optional.  I very much like the red pepper with this, sometimes a bit of green onion.  Everything else is up to you, what do you like on your vegan sushi?  Some cucumber strips? Carrot strips? In restaurants these are usually pickled a bit so feel free to soak them in sugar and vinegar while you make the sushi.  Avocado? Fried Garlic (Flied Garlic)? Its all great.  To make this not a pain in the ass though don’t go crazy with this and keep it simple.


I have not seen any way in the grocery store to make your own seaweed salad.  This usually comes premade in many Asian grocery stores.  You will probably find it in the frozen section.  I have heard that you can buy dried “wakame” seaweed and make it yourself but I have never tried this.


Seaweed salad can be very hit or miss so if you have a miss 1) stop eating it 2) try other brands.  Once you find a good one you will want to squirm around naked in a tub of seeweed salad.  That is all.