Vegan Aloo Palak, Pakoras, and Dal

As you can probably tell from this video, I’m a huge fan of Indian food.

My only regret was not having enough time to include some Indian bread which is almost mandatory with this stuff.  Nann, Paratha, Puri, etc… The shit dreams are made of.

This video show you how to Make some Vegan Dal (indian style lentils), Vegan Pakoras (spiced fried vegetables), and Vegan Aloo Palak (Indian style spinach and potato).

Lets start with the Dal, the easiest of the 3 to make.

You can make the dal and rice as an easy meal by itself.

This is as easy as putting the dal into boiling water, adding seasoning and simmer.  I like to use about 4 times as much water as the dal.  You can also add things like onions or tomatos or peas here, or simmer them in some oil before you add the water and dal.

I like to make the dal fairly soft, to me the only thing that can ruin dal is if they are undercooked and too hard.  Even if you leave them on the stove for a long time… it is difficult to ruin them with overcooking.

Next on to the pakoras.

Here is the only step with crazy ingredients.  You will need some chickpea flour and rice flour.  These can be obtatined at almost any indian or most asian stores.  Sometimes chickpea flour is called Gram Flour.

Go easy on the rice flour as it can taste shitty in large amounts.  Once you mix together some chickpea and rice flour, add an equal amount of regular flour.  This may not be traditional but it tastes great.

Again add the indian spice mixes, salt, and garlic to taste.

You will be frying these all throught the cooking so as you do everything else just remeber to go back to the deep fryer occationially to tend to them.

Finally the Aloo Palak.

This is also a very easy dish to make once you know what you are doing.

I was not careful of how I cut the tomato, the onions, and did not even bother to cut the garlic.  This is because everything is going into the blender in the end so it does not matter.

Sometimes I like to add a can of drained and rinsed red beans after the blender stage along with the potatoes  Give it a try, see how you like it.

Everything else in the video is hopefully self explanitory.  Indian food is often an amazing vegetarian staple.  Explore this realm with these concepts.  You can apply many of the techniques to several indian dishes.