Vegan Mashed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, and Vegan Pasta

This Video show three simple vegan recipes.


Vegan Mashed Potatoes


It starts off with what I call the “All Star Redneck Medley”.  This is vegan Mashed Potatoes, vegan Baked  Beans, and Vegan Corn.


This dish is a favorite of mine and a favorite combination of many here in the south of the united states.  For some reason the combination of mashed potatoes, baked beans and corn just hits the spot.  The baked beans provide a natural gravy for the mashed potatoes or you can add gravy as well if you want.


One tip on the mashed potatoes is to use a mixture of 2 different types of potatoes.  I like to use either red and baking potatoes or red and yellow.  For some reason the mixture of the 2 really brings out qualities and enhances the flavor more than expected.  Give it a try.  Its amazing.


An alternate way to make the vegan mashed potatoes is to add more garlic for some vegan garlic mashed potatoes.   My favorite for this is adding some roasted garlic.  This takes just a little bit more preparation time in that roasted garlic takes about an hour to make.  This will be in a future video, but the basics of it is you cut just the tops off all the garlic in a bulb (just kinda “scalp” the bulb with one knife cut across the tops) then you pour just enough olive oil to coat the bulb of garlic.  You then wrap it in foil and put it in the oven on about 350ish for about an hour.  You then squeeze the soft garlic out and mash it into your potatoes.  This makes vegan garlic mashed potatoes.


Vegan Brussels Sprouts in Truffle Oil


The 2nd part of the video goes into vegan Brussels Sprouts with mushroom and red pepper over a rice pilaf.


This is another simple vegan recipe.  I thought I hated Brussles Sprouts with a passion before I had this.  Now I love them. This is seriously unlike anything else.  If you have been told before “I know how to make incredible Brussels sprouts you are going to love these…” and then you try them and still hate them….seriously… this is different.


The only pitfall here is using too much Truffle oil (I use black truffle oil).  Follow like it says in the video.  Just draw a line of truffle oil across your dish, then half a line of it.  That’s it.  Too much and it will be an incredibly overpowering taste.


Vegan Pasta


The third recipe in the video shows how to make an amazing vegan pasta maranara with garlic bread.  This is the best way to doctor up pasta sauce ever.


In the video I mention prego pasta sauce.  The brand really does not matter.  I have actually switched since then to classico pasta sauce.  I did this because of the “natural flavors” ingredient in the prego sauce.  I had thought this was just another name for MSG, but on further investigation I found out that “natural flavors” can mean just about anything!  I even called the makers of prego pasta sauce to ask if the natural flavors were animal or plant derived or a mixture.  They would not even tell me! They were not allow to tell me and considered it propitiatory information.  Since then, because I have no idea if it is vegan or not…. I have switched to Classico brand sauce with no “natural flavors” ingredients.  There is always an alternative.  Any basic pasta sauce will do for this.


The garlic bread in the video is awesome and I eat it with many types of meals from pasta, lasagna, black beans and rice, chili, …. damn near anything that I can eat it with actually.

That’s it making incredible vegan pasta with garlic bread is pretty straight forward.


Transcript of the video:


All Star Redneck Medley


Pour some salt in the water, put a lid on top


Cut the potato on the altar, Satan takes his toll.


I like to use a mixture of red and baking potatoes

It makes a big difference to the taste, try it for yourself


Pour the potatoes in the boiling water, and stir and cover

Boil them for 15 minutes or so, add a can of baked beans to a pot


The can is a formidable enemy and may take some blood

Add some brown sugar to the baked beans, this makes them better!


Come on! stir the sugar in,


Boil and reduce heat and simmer. Add a can of corn to another pot.

Add earth balance and salt. Corn and potatoes make fine vehicles for butter and salt!


The potatoes are done when they are easily pierced with the mystical knife


Crush the potatoes with a mace, and show them no mercy.

Crush them into a smooth mashed potato paste

Add some earth balance, stir it in with your mace…it will melt with the heat of the pot and the mashed potatoes.


Add some almond milk from the chalice of the gods

It needs pepper, and garlic powder


Just a little bit of garlic powder. Add some salt.


If you make them too liquidy and soft you can always add some instant mashed potato mix

Finally cast some green green onions and you’re done.


Combine and enjoy your all star redneck medley.


Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and peppers in truffle oil


First prepare some water for the rice, and add some soup mix

Follow the directions on the bag for the amount of water

Add some salt and pepper

Add some olive oil

Stir and bring to a boil, add the rice

Cover reduce heat and simmer.


Lick your Brussels sprout seductively

Put them onto the altar, sever them at the neck

This is going to be so fucking good.

You have to give this a try even if you think you hate Brussels sprouts

Cut them all in half, cut the big ones twice

Cut some mushrooms into chunks, ohhhh here it comes


I got this red pepper thing, at a local farms market

Its like a cubanelle, i don’t even know what it is.

You should go to local farmers markets, they are very cheap.

Put some canola oil in a pan and heat it up.


You can get all sorts of cool shit at the farmers markets.

And red peppers arn’t fucking four dollars a pound, fuck that shit.


Add some salt and pepper to the Brussels sprouts and mushrooms while you saute them

This truffle oil is going to blow your fucking mind

Its going to be the most glorious thing you’ve ever tasted.

The best fifteen dollars you have ever spent in your life on a bottle

And the bottle (seems to) last forever!


Here we go, be careful don’t add too much, I like to draw a line, and half a line and thats it!

Truffle oil is so fucking tasty, this is gonna fucking blow your mind!


Channel the fallen ones into your dish

The rice is ready

Oh it looks so fucking good you cant even deny it


Combine and serve with your favorite barbecued slathered meat substitute

Scream at your food!


Vegetable pasta upon the throne of the apocalypse


Pour some salt in the water, then bring to a boil of course

We’re going to make the best fucking pasta sauce


Chop the onion like so, it splits up into layers

Cut the mushrooms into small chunks


If you don’t like mushrooms I don’t fucking care!

This sauce doesn’t even need any vegetables

Cut the red pepper into squares.

And the Yellow pepper cut the same way.


Put the pasta into the boiling water and stir.

This will prevent it from sticking and saute some onions and mushrooms

Saute them first for a few minutes, they need the longest to cook


Add some Salt and pepper

Do we see a pattern here?


Ohhhhhhhhhhh its looking good

This is some kind of hot pepper, you can also use chili powder just as well

Chop up some garlic! Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahowowa


Saute the garlic with everything else,

And add your favorite Italian seasoning

now you must add a very basic tomato sauce

I like to use prego traditional as a base

Then add a little bit of soup seasoning.

Then add some red wine

And boil it all together, it should look like it comes from the abyss

Then cast the spell to seal the flavor.


Now its time to make the garlic bread

Melt some earth balance in a pan

You can use organic kamut stone ground whole wheat gluten free potato bread if you want.

Im just going to use bread.


Sprinkle throughly with garlic powder

Then cover lightly with basil….fuck!

Toast for five minutes

Now say your prayers


That’s right, head bang all over your food

It’s time to enjoy your feast



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