Tofurkey Roast, Roasted Garlic Gravy and Roasted Vegetables

Episode six (which premeried on Anthony Bourdain’s: No Reservations Holiday Episode)  is one of the things I make when I want a vehicle for gravy.  To me, even back in the day when I ate meat… holiday cooking was just an excuse to get gravy into my mouth without just drinking it right from the pot.


This episode show you how to make a tofurky roast.  The roast is in my opinon thier best product although I have not had them all.  To me the roast tastes different from thier deli slices, various hot dog and sausage concoctions, and is what I like the best.  However I am not sure I have had it without it being covered in gravy…but why would one even do that?


This entire spread of food is actually incredibly easy to make and takes very little work to prepare.  Most of it just cooks itself while you go off and do something else with your time…. like play guitar for 45 min


The tofurky is largly following the directions on the box, pretty streight forward however I do not like to cook the vegetables with the tofurky.  I like to season the roasted vegetables quate a bit and the basic baste does not do it for me there.

I also like to make my own stuffing to go along with it as well.  The stuffing inside the tofruky is good but not great in my opinion and just some peperage farm stuffing out of the bag with some vegetable broth and vegan butter is fantastic…. With the gravy of course.


The roasted vegetables kinda speak for themselves.  Use any combination of vegteables you want.  If you have no idea how to season them, just experiment with a premade itialan seasoning blend from your local store.  In this I believe I used salt, pepper, oregano, basil, sage, savory, marjoram, parsley and a small amount of rosemary.  I really like the addition of chili powder to these as well.  It gives it just the right amount of kick, but as you probably have seen already, I like shit spicy.


The last part of the video gets saved for the best… Yes… The gravy.  Lets just say I like a lot…no more than that, it is the reason for life, at that moment at least.   I used Osem brand Connsume “chicken style” flavor of soup seasoning with it… almost any vegetable broth or stock will do so never feel like you have to get the specific brands I am using.  The roasted garlic makes this gravy and the vegetables just that damn amazing.