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The Seitanic Spellbook In English


The Seitanic Spellbook Ebook Cover


The Seitanic Spellbook exists!


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Greetings all,

Just letting you know that due to high back end prices for sellers on amazon, I need to charge 30 on amazon for the book. Still cheaper with the free shipping on Amazon than the 25 + standard shipping in the merch tab.

If you want a signed book, book + ebook packages that contain many versions of the ebook (pdf, mobi, epub), other discounted packages with other merch… then go to my merch page at

Thank you for your understanding and supporting individual authors. The english version of this book is essentially self published so it is not some “giant company” (yet).

The Seitanic Spellbook in French!


People of Swizerland and France.

This mini tour has been fucking awesome. Thank you for an amazing first time in Europe.

It was great meeting you all, talking, and cooking for you.

The Seitanic Spellbook is now out and available in French!!!

Get your copy here:

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Frostbitten Foods From Beyond

Episode 19 Is up!

Vegan German Potato Salad and Vietnamese Summer Rolls.

Easy, cheap, make it happen.

The only weird ingredients are with the summer rolls a few things you will need from the asian store

1) Rice paper wrappers (spring roll wrappers)
2) Hoisin sauce
3) Fried red onion and Fried garlic. (get this… seriously)

Vegan Cuts October Snack Box Sneak Peek

Greetings mortals,

Many of you by now have heard of the company Vegan Cuts which sends out monthly boxes of various vegan products.  This October I have partnered with them in showing you a sneak peek of the October snack box.

I have chosen 3 of the awesome snacks to show you which you will find in the October snack box.

1) Tasty brand Fruit snacks – these things fucking ruel

2) Flamous brand Zatar Chips – amazing chip to eat by itself or to dip in hummus

3) TCHO Chocolate Squares – “Because what the fuck would October be without some god damned chocolate squares” – TCHO that bit of marketing genius is on me, hire me for your next big marketing campaign.

Get your Vegan Snack Boxes shipped to you here:



Home Audio Recording – Best Metal Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses

Greetings mortals,


For those of you also into home audio recording, and also looking to get better guitar tone.  I have started a home recording website + youtube channel called


If you are fairly into home recording and “in the box” recording you are probably familiar with guitar cab IRs.  These are virtual guitar cabinets/microphones that allow you to record guitar quickly and easily all within the computer.  I was frustrated with most current options out there so I invented my own.


The entire Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode -18 Pastageddon was recorded with Killer Tone Cabs.  No additional post processing on Guitars except for mastering.


Check out the sound samples on the site.  Hope it helps you in your home recording, as well as your cooking,  journey.

Vegan Dim Sum Feast

Here is the first vlog episode on my series of “Do-able Veganism”

The purpose of these are to show what you can just go into the store and purchase things you might not have known was vegan, or possibly never knew existed.

This is not meant to show a full “from scratch” meal, as very few people eat each and every meal completely from scratch.  I will also start doing a cost analysis on the food to break it down on a per meal cost.

This episode focuses on Vegan Dim Sum.  Dim sum (also called Yum Cha) is a range of Asian dishes including but not limited to steamed buns, dumplings, spring rolls, and other “tapas” or “light bites” that are often served during specific days or times of days at some restaurants.

The steamed buns are often filled with some kind of filling similar to the dumplings.

I am a huge dim sum fan so I hope you learn something or get some inspiration from this.

Lets say you get the various things in this video.  You do not always have to eat them all as a dim sum meal just like this.

Other ideas would be to use each individually as a side dish to another main course.  Since they are so easy to make, they are a good candidate for a side dish.

You can also fry up some spring rolls, cut them up into bite size pieces, and just toss them into a noodle stirfry (such as in episode 4).  They add an amazing contribution to a dish just eaten right in it.

The dumplings can be quickly tossed in soup to give it more substance and flavor.


Here is a cost analysis of this meal:

Spring rolls $5.99  (24 per package)

cost per roll – .25


Buns: 2.29 (6 per package)

cost per bun – .38


Dumplings 4.99 (30 per package)

Cost per dumpling – .17


Total cost of the meal in video: 2.826


Total cost with sauces… – Around 3 bucks


Veganism Is Cheap pt1

One myth that you hear all the time is that “veganism is so expensive”,  “Oh if I could just afford to be vegan”, “Veganism is just a rich folks thing” etc…


If you buy only prepackaged convenience food (which you will get sick of within a month or two), or you attempt to buy every analogue vegan meat and dairy product on the market, and every vegan analogue snack food (especially the one with no nutritional value)  than this could be true for you.


I have no problem with buying some analogue meat and dairy products.  If they are thought of as components of a meal as opposed to meals themselves they really shine.  Not to mention Soy/Almond/Coconut milk lasts a very long time in the fridge.


Instead of thinking that veganism means buying every type of meat and cheese substitute,… instead think…  “what new can I try today from my own or any other culture in the world”.


If this is your mindset, all of a sudden veganism is incredibly inexpensive.


This article will not even get into numbers yet, lets just analyze the ingredients from a few VBMC episodes to see how expensive veganism is.



Episode 1: The infamous vegan pad thai dish.


The ingredients include: Tofu, Bean Sprouts, a tomato, Peanuts, Siracha and Chili powder, Garlic and Garlic Powder, Green Onions, Sugar, Tamarind Paste or Tamarind Soup Base, Salt, Rice Noodles, Cilantro, A Lime is optional, Vinegar


Is anything in there even remotely expensive?



Episode 2:  Easy meal ideas of the ages.


The ingredients in meal 1:  A can of baked beans, a can of corn, some potatoes, earth balance, salt, garlic, sugar, green onion.


The ingredients in meal 2: Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, bell pepper, canola oil, truffle oil, rice, some soup seasoning, salt, pepper


The ingredients in meal 3: Pasta, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, garlic, red wine (cheap resealable red wine), soup seasoning, salt, pepper, earth balance, bread, Italian seasoning.


WAIT A SECOND! Truffle oil is like 15 bucks!!!!


Yes truffle oil is 15 dollars for a small bottle.  However you use so little of it each meal that the bottle lasts me about a year making this dish as many times as I would ever want (and sometimes I eat it a lot!).  If something costs 15 dollars a year for many uses… its cheap.


It becomes obvious to see that none of these ingredients are expensive!



Episode 3: Tempura asparagus sushi.


Ingredients include: asparagus, nori (seaweed sheets), jasmine rice, salt, sugar, vinegar, flour, white wine, garlic powder, panko bread crumbs, asparagus, bell pepper, seaweed salad, avocado, and various other shit I do not usually use but this sums up what I typically use.


Nori purchased at an Asian store in bulk is about 10 dollars for 100 sheets.  That is only 10 cents a sheet!  Panko also purchased in bulk is very inexpensive.


Once again, nothing is expensive!  The seaweed salad my be the only item even semi approaching anything to be considered expensive depending on how much you buy.



Please do this exercise in your mind for the rest of the episodes.  Except for the tofurkey, nothing in any episodes are remotely expensive.


I personally feel I eat like a king for around 2 dollars to 2.50 a meal on average.  And that is because I do not skimp on anything.


Year 1 is complete!

Thank you everyone for making year one of the Vegan Black Metal Chef so damn fun and awesome for me.  I have had a great time making the videos and songs/look forward to an even better year 2.  Every day I attempt to grow a bit in every way to make the videos and the music better and better.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.  If you dig this shit, please consider getting an Album, DVD or Both.   I try to keep shit super cheap and work off of numbers.  The support with this and even just sharing the videos will propel year 2 onward and upward.  Thanks in advance for everything to all of the fans.

You can get the album or dvd in the links to the right ==================>

or the DVD and other merch (shirts, stickers, buttons etc…)  in the merch tab above.