German Chocolate Yule Log Cake

This episode Originally aired on as a holliday special.

I was somewhat against doing anything with baking because I do not consider it my main strength nor do I really care much about making fancy cakes or cookies.

Then I realized I do enjoy eating these things and make them fairly often, so why not show the world that making tasty vegan deserts does not have to be a rediculious process.  There are a few cake mixes and icing mixes available in normal grocery stores in the US that are vegan.

I mean, if you are actually going to cook from scratch, you reallly have to grow your own wheat (from seeds) harvest them and grind them on your own millstone, along with getting all of the other cake ingredients in a similar fasshion.  To some degree we all use preprepared items to make food.

Of course if you want more control over the outcome, you have to start with more basic ingredients.  Since all I really care about is having a few good sweets to eat, this does the job for me.

The main thing people wonder about vegan baking is how to bake without eggs.  For this I use EnerG Brand Egg replacer.  Egg replacer is usualy some kind of mixture of various starches (potato starch, corn starch, etc…). There are several egg replacers on the market and have even been told by some baking friends that you can even use applesauce insted of eggs.

I find that I use much more than the recomended amount on the box from an incident when first using this product.   I have found that I have never had a conesquence from using too much, but it fell apart when I used too little.

Other than that, I love German Chocolate Cake, so that is what is made.  Focus on having some fun with this.